About Triathlon

Triathlon is a race with three components, swim, bike, and run (in that order). The race covers various distances. Common distances are listed below in the table.



70.3 (aka Half)

Ironman (Full)

Swim = 750 meters

Swim = 1500 meters

Swim = 1.2 miles

Swim = 2.4 miles

Bike = 12.4 mi / 20 km

Bike = 24.8 mi / 40 km

Bike = 56 miles

Bike = 112 miles

Run = 3.1 miles / 5 km

Run = 6.2 miles / 10 km

Run = 13.1 miles

Run = 26.2 miles

While these are the most typical race distances, races can be of any length and are dictated by the organizing body of the race. But triathlon is really about you... 

Triathlon is a unique event, one race with three legs. Each requires strength, stamina, and a different skill set. You will be challenged physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's a journey through water and across earth where limits are pushed and boundaries are tested. Where perseverance and determination are tested. Come to test yourself, to find yourself, in the way only triathlon can. 

The journey to be a triathlete begins long before the start of your race. It requires commitment. The journey requires a plan, preparation, and action. This journey changes you from the inside out. You will catch glimpses along the way, brief pictures of the best version of yourself. Then race day comes. It's a beautiful test of your plan, your preparation, your strength, your patience, your endurance, your will... they are ready... are you?

‚ÄčTriathlon is something unique that you have to experience to actually know what it's all about. Join the thousands of others who weren't sure they had what it took, maybe didn't call themselves athletes, but made the commitment to complete a triathlon and now call themselves triathletes. Your journey starts with that first step, your commitment. Then, enlist a guide to join you on this life changing journey. 

Find that you have the strength, endurance, mental fortitude... Find that you have what it takes to be a triathlete... Find that you've had it all along... And along the way, find your best version of you. Take that first step, make the commitment to be a triathlete, and let me guide you on your journey. Sign up today.